Used Equipment

Gently Used Aluminum [Pulse] MIG welder. Can also be used for steel, silicon bronze, and stick welding. Single Torch. Includes ground cable, torch, and gauge.

Resistance Spot Welder. Requires 3 phase. 208v. Air-Cooled.

3 Pulling Towers/5 Ton/4 Pinchweld Clamps/

3 Pulling Towers/10 Ton/4 Pinchweld Clamps/extra Removable Pulling Tower/

3 Pulling Towers/
10 Ton/
L=22'/W=7'4"/H=8'3"/(Add 30" for tower)/Removable Ramps/4Pinchweld Clamps/

3 Pulling Towers/10Ton/L=21'8"/W=6'8"/H=8'4"/(Add 20" on side for tower)/4 pinchweld clamps/Tool Boards/Truck Clamping System/

3 Pulling Towers/5 Ton/L=17'/W=7'4"/H=7'10"/(Add 24-32" on side for tower)4 Pinchweld Clamps.

2 Pulling Tower/10 Ton/10,000lb weight capacity/L=18'/W=6'8"/W=8'/(Add 26" on sides for tower)/4 Pinchweld Clamps