EVO/Universal Fixtures

Thanks to EVO, you can switch from one type of repair and car model to another – secure in the knowledge that you're working with a well-designed system. A system that makes the job easier and safer, while also making your bodyshop more efficient and profitable thanks to a speedier process. The EVO system is made up of the optimum number of components and is available in three different versions. Regardless of which version you choose, each is designed for stand-alone use or together with the others in a wide variety of configurations.

EVO 1 is designed for simple repair jobs. It is a standard package for anchoring and holding. EVO 1 comprises of:

  • 3 towers
  • multi-purpose clamp
  • track plates
  • adapter with bush rings
  • chain holder
  • torque bar

EVO 2 provides additional equipment for more advanced repairs. EVO 2 consist of:

  • 2 extra towers
  • track plates
  • special tools for rear-axle bracket
  • torque bar extensions
  • adjustable holders

EVO 3 is a universal fixture system, which, combined with EVOs 1 and 2, can handle all known models on the market. EVO 3 comes with:

  • 3 adjustable fixture heads
  • adapters
  • a lockable universal joint
  • a lock handle
  • all-purpose mini-clamp.