Speed/Speed Plus

As traffic density increases in cities and populated areas, the number of fender benders grow. Today, more than 80% of accidents occur at such low speeds that they do not cause any structural damage to the vehicles involved. Body shops can benefit considerably by focusing their resources on repairing this kind of cosmetic damage quickly and cost-effectively.

SPEED has a draw aligner for quick and cost effective repair of cosmetic bodywork damage. In the same setup you can repair other collision damage quick and easy.

SPEED is the right choice for bodywork shops that already have one or more full-size alignment benches. After diagnosis, cars with superficial damage can be transferred to the SPEED lift. This keeps the large benches free for more advanced work and increases overall workshop capacity. SPEED is also the perfect choice for vehicle repair and paintwork shops wanting to expand operations and branch out into light bodywork.

SPEED benefits both your staff and your finances.
The ergonomic design makes the work easier. Because there are no ramps or posts around the vehicle, accessibility is excellent. Moreover, you can quickly and easily raise the car to the most comfortable height for each operation you need to perform. Improved ergonomics ensure that work progresses faster and more easily. An investment in SPEED also gives direct results in the form of improved workflow, because you no longer need to move the car between different workstations. This improves quality and reduces complaints, while raising revenues through shorter turnaround time and better utilization of workshop resources.


  • Quick set-up time — drive/roll the car over the lifting platform (104 mm resting clearance) - increases your workshop capacity
  • "Snap-on" 5-ton draw aligner — offers 2,500 kg of lifting capacity and 360o multi-angle pulling - can handle most types of sheet metal damage and cosmetic damage repair
  • Versatile — the entire job can be completed using just one bench, shortening cycle times and increasing profits
  • Two models — Speed and the longer Speed Plus gives versatility to your repair shop
  • Small footprint — makes it the perfect addition to any type of repair/service shop
  • Ergonomic design — easy to reach damaged areas with nearly two meters maximum lift height
  • Two types of installation — above- or in-ground provide the versatility to complete both cosmetic damage repairs as well as other light service and repair work


Length Speed 8' 3"
Length Speed Plus 9' 4"
Width 2' 6"
Max Length with draw aligner 11' 9" (3600 mm)
Max width with draw aligner 8' 2" (2486 mm)
Min Height 4.1" (104 mm)
Max Height  5' 3" (1600 mm)
Work Area Size Speed (Draw aligner on both sides) 3600 x 2966 mm
Work Area Size Speed Plus (Draw aligner on both sides)  5064 x 2966 mm2
Total weight lift and work platform 1213 lbs (550-600 kg) 
In-ground capability Yes
Pulling Force (per draw aligner) 5 tons
Hydraulic Pressure 210 bar
Air connection pressure 10 bar (max)
Lift Capacity (max vehicle weight) 5512 obs (2500 kgs)
Sound level Below 70 dB(A)
Electrical Cable Length 4 m
Hydraulic Hose Length 7 ms
Power 3Ph, 50Hz, 200/220/400V
1Ph, 60Hz, 110/220V