Quick 42


  • Universal set-up — reduces time, cost and space
  • Integrated power unit — increase safety by keeping the floor clear of hydraulic and air lines
  • Lightweight, removable ramps — for easy vehicle access
  • Powerful 10-ton draw aligner — with multi-angle pulling and 3600 access allows the technician to access the vehicle from just about anywhere
  • Compatible with EVO 1, 2 & 3 and the Car-O-Tronic electronic measuring systems giving you a total solution for all collision repairs
  • Flexible installation — fixed, mobile or pit mountings makes it easy to fit into any workshop
  • OEM Approved — meets most OEM equipment requirements further increasing your workshops's offering and your profits


Length 4200 mm
Length with draw aligner 5320 mm
Width 1110 mm
Width with draw aligner 2230 mm
Min Height 480 mm
Max Height (Floor to top of platform 1480 mm
Max Height in ground 1000 mm
Work Area Size (Draw aligner on both sides)  3550 mm2
Loading angle Bench 3.5o  /  Driving Ramps 12o
Automatic Tilt Function Yes
Mobile Capacity Yes (Optional)
Milled Surface for measuring Yes
Pulling Force 10 tons (per draw aligner)
Lift Capacity (max vehicle weight) 3000 kg
Lift capacity in ground (max vehicle weight) 3000 kg
360º Pulling Capacity Yes
Power 3Ph, 50Hz, 200/220/400V   //   1Ph, 60Hz, 110/220V